This is a simple, extendable api+application for Spreadsheet Processing written in lua and C++. You can run the executable 'luacalc' for the graphical interface, or write lua scripts to manipulate files. It's written in wxWidgets, so should be cross platform.



You can edit data using the mouse/keyboard and the following shortcuts:

or you can run the api in an interactive interpreter by doing:
lua -i luacalc.lua
Enter values by assigning them to the 2d array:
luacalc.sheet[1][1]=1 -- Lua Starts indices at 1
luacalc.sheet[1][2]="Hello "
-- use set instead, if you want undo/redo available:
set(1, 1, 1)
set(1, 2, "hello")
So far this doesn't look much like a spreadsheet. But we can now reference the values in a diferent way, and use them in functions:
Save a file with:
Load a file with:
Load a (sloppy) csv file with:
Sort a sheet by a column.

LuaCalc is in a very early stage of development - use at your own risk.

You can download the latest release from here but until the project matures, the svn version is generally the most stable:

svn co luacalc

You'll need Lua 5.1 to run it and wxWidgets.
no email If you download LuaCalc, please flick me an email to let me know it's getting used or if you have any questions, comments or would like to help me develop LuaCalc.